Abu Kaiser, the blogger accused of making the video, faces charges of attempted murder

Last Updated on March 2, 2020 4:47 pm

News Desk: On February 21, blogger Abu Kaiser, also known as Shantonu kaisar, released a video titled ‘New False Saints Kuakata Huzur and Charmonai Peer’ exposing various fraudulent practices of religious communities. In the video, he portrays various impersonators of Charmonai Pir and Kuakata Huzur. The people of the country will know through this video how the money of the country is stolen by fooling the common people.

However, the video stirred controversy, leading to backlash against Charmonai Pir and Kuakata Huzur, as their religious practices faced scrutiny. Enraged by the revelation, Charmonai Peer’s followers attacked Shantonu Kaiser around 1 pm on 25 February. The assailants, dressed in traditional clothing, physically assaulted Shantonu and hit him on the head with a bamboo stick before fleeing the scene. . Fortunately, Shantonu managed to take shelter with the help of local residents.

In response to the attack, Shantonu Kaiser filed a case of attempted murder against eight unidentified people of Charmonai Pir and Kuakata Huzur on Monday.

Regarding the incident, Kaiser said, “For a long time Charmonai Pir and Kuakata Huzur have been doing fraudulent activities, who are duping the people of this country. It is my duty to expose their wrongdoings. I am committed. True. I am the target of this attack. I am in this case. Fair enough. I want justice.”

This incident highlights the challenges facing those who express religious practices in the country, emphasizing the need for protection against such threats.

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