Finding Blogger Abu Kaiser: His wife Shima Akter’s press conference

Last Updated on February 20, 2023 4:29 pm

News Desk: Famous Bangladeshi journalist and blogger Abu Kaiser, who is also known as Shantonu kaisar. His wife Shima Akter held a press conference on the disappearance of Abu Kaiser. Earlier, a missing report was given to Mirpur police station by the family in search of Abu Kaiser, but he was not found.

Abu Kaiser is a popular figure in Bangladesh, especially on social media. On Monday, Shima Akter met the journalists at the Dhaka National Press Club and informed about the ongoing search for her husband. Abu Kaiser was living in Mirpur with his family for the past 33 years.

Shima revealed in the press conference that Abu Kaiser has been making videos on the current affairs of the country for the past seven years, which are mainly shared on YouTube. Chormonai Huzur’s followers harassed him with physical attacks and false accusations against him because of his devotion to reporting on social issues.

Shima Akter told the media that on February 11, 2023, around 11 pm, someone took her husband from his private studio. Since then his mobile phone was found switched off. Although a general diary (GD) was made at Mirpur police station on February 12, no progress was made in the search for Abu Kaiser.

Shima Akter made a humble request to the Honorable Prime Minister requesting her husband to return safely with their children.

The GD investigation team and the Mirpur Deputy Inspector General of Police assured this reporter that call details have been recovered from Abu Kaiser’s mobile phone and efforts are being made to trace his last known whereabouts. They are also exploring his recent contacts and any potential conflicts he may have had.

The search for Abu Kaiser continues and authorities are working hard to gather more information about his whereabouts and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

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