3 tough conditions on Emirates travel visa

Last Updated on May 24, 2024 5:34 pm

A tourist visa to the Middle Eastern country of the United Arab Emirates covers three conditions that make it difficult to travel. At least 3 thousand dirhams (about 96 thousand taka), valid documents of relative’s residence (Izari) or hotel booking must be accompanied with return ticket.

After such news was published in the local media, when asked to Jamilul Qayyum, CEO of Bangladeshi travel businessman Helmak Travel, he said that these rules for entering the Emirates for travel visas were there before. But now it is fully implemented.

He said, before coming to the Emirates, the passenger must prove the mentioned points at the Bangladesh airport. And this applies not only to Bangladeshis, but to everyone

Earlier travel visa passengers on Emirates booked a return ticket, but one was valid and the other was a dummy ticket from a different airline. Now the same PNR should have a return ticket.

Must show valid documents of relative’s house or booking with hotel payment. As before, paper printing from any booking.com will not work. Emirates airport authorities will contact the hotel to verify the authenticity.

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