Bangladesh has an agreement with India-Myanmar to import daily commodities

Last Updated on June 26, 2024 5:06 pm

Bangladesh State Minister of Commerce Ahsanul Islam Titu said that an agreement is being signed with India as well as Myanmar for the import of daily commodities. Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) will sign the agreement on behalf of the Government of Bangladesh.

The state minister said this at the ‘BSRF dialogue’ program at the media center of the secretariat on Wednesday.

Journalists’ organization Bangladesh Secretariat Reporters Forum (BSRF) organized the dialogue.

The state minister said that we are going to make an agreement with India so that the supply of daily commodities is uninterrupted. May we also bring agricultural produce from Myanmar, which they have a surplus of. We have almost finalized an agreement on this. We will try to sign that agreement next July.

He said, we will be able to bring daily necessities including onions and pulses from Myanmar. The goal is only one – that is to give some relief to the common man through our activities. At least to keep the market running. That is why we are conducting this program.

He said, earlier the transactions were done only at ports, now many landports have been opened. Along with the landport, we have given importance to border huts. We have borders in many remote areas. There are isolated people, we have built some border huts to increase their convenience.

The Minister of State for Commerce said there was some suspension due to Covid. Again we will look at the border hut. Both governments have interest in border huts. We will quickly establish border huts in inaccessible border areas on the instructions of the Prime Minister. It will make our import-export trade much easier.

He said, we have commercial counselors in 23 countries. Those who are directly subordinate to us. We have brought them to an accountability. They report to the Additional Secretary every month. Strengthening our activities to market new market access, new products.

BSRF President Fasih Uddin Mahtab presided over the dialogue conducted by General Secretary Masudul Haque.

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