Beast House: What’s New in Saudi Nightclub

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 10:09 am

A nightclub has recently been launched in Saudi Arabia, which is known as a conservative country, amid various discussions and criticisms. There is no shortage of people’s interest in the nightclub named ‘Beast House’. Because more or less everyone is curious about how a nightclub is run in a country like Saudi Arabia or what is there.

Quoting the British media The Times, various international media including the Daily Mail said that the nightclub named “Beast House” was recently inaugurated in the Jax area of ​​Riyadh.

Basically, the country has taken such an initiative to ‘celebrate the nightlife’ of the rich citizens. Women can also enter this nightclub.

The club is said to have a music venue, multiple studios, a dining area and even a lively DJ party. However, since the law that prohibits alcohol in Saudi Arabia is still in force, drugs will be prohibited in Beast House.

According to the report, guests arriving at Beast House can only drink mocktails (non-alcoholic drinks).

In addition, the security guards at the Beast House have been assigned the responsibility of keeping an eye on whether any of the guests are bringing alcohol with them.

Meanwhile, not everyone can enter this nightclub in Saudi Arabia. Only regular members can enter the club. And to be a member of Beast House, you have to pay at least 1 thousand 900 euros every year, in Bangladeshi currency, which is more than 2 lakh 42 thousand taka (1 euro is equal to 127 taka 42 paisa).

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