Gazans eating leaves

Last Updated on March 16, 2024 4:45 am

There are several pieces cooked in a pan. They are flattened and placed in another container in the shape of lochi. It is being baked on the reverse side of the kadai in the earthen hearth. Some of them are broken. Gazans are saving their lives by eating this pink food made from wild plants. These leaves and vines found in the bushes are now their only hope after the animals have finished feeding.

The family of Hazem Saeed al-Naij, a resident of northern Gaza. Since the beginning of March they had been living on animal fodder. But already two weeks of this month are over. Now they have chosen wild leaves as food without finding a way.

In a statement given to CNN on Thursday, Hazem Saeed said, “Unfortunately, the food for the animals has also run out. It is no longer available in the market. My wife and children are suffering from malnutrition. Very little wild vegetation remains. Someday these may also run out.

Gazans have been facing severe food shortages since the Israeli attack on October 7. Famine has appeared in the besieged region.

Most of the bakeries in Gaza were destroyed by the Israeli attack. Even relief food was withheld. Then, due to lack of food, people started slaughtering their carrying animals (horses, donkeys) and eating them. When they run out, the poor Gazans grind up the animal feed and eat it like bread. Many families are choosing grass and leaves as food to save their lives as all roads are closed. Many displaced residents face this food crisis. Homeless Hazem Saeed is also unable to provide food for his family due to the same reason.

Last November, he fled northern Gaza and moved to southern Khan Yunis. He brought his six-year-old son with him. His wife and other children remained in the north. Although his wife tried to come here. But could not come in the face of the Israeli army.

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