Hamas announced to continue resistance against Israel

Last Updated on June 9, 2024 10:25 am

Ismail Haniya, the head of Hamas’s politburo, has announced that he will continue to resist the occupying Israel.

He said Israel cannot impose its will on Hamas and will not accept any agreement that does not guarantee the security of the Palestinians.

Occupying Israel carried out massacres in the Nusairet refugee camp in central Gaza on Saturday. 210 people died there on the same day in their attack. The occupiers launched a large-scale attack on Nusseire, mainly to free the four hostages.

In a statement after the brutal attack, the head of Hamas said, “Our common people will not surrender and our resistance against these criminal enemies will continue.”

“If the Israeli occupiers think they can force their will on us, they are delusional,” he added.

The Gaza Ministry of Health said that 210 Palestinians were killed in the joint air, land and sea operation in several places in central and northern Gaza, including Rafah, on Saturday. Many others were injured.

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