Hamas attacks: Netanyahu questioned by Israeli investigative agency

Last Updated on May 3, 2024 1:14 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the heads of the country’s ground, air and naval forces have been questioned by Israel’s government investigation agency as part of an investigation into how fighters from the Palestinian political group Hamas attacked Israeli territory on October 7. Reuters news.

They were summoned to the investigating agency’s office on Wednesday for questioning. They responded to the summons and appeared at the office. In a post on the social media Facebook, this information was reported from the office of the head of Israel’s government investigation agency, Matanyahu Engelman.

On October 7, Hamas fighters entered the territory of Israel through the northern Erez border of Gaza and attacked. 1 thousand 200 people were killed in their attack.

In response, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) launched an operation in Gaza that day, which is still ongoing. More than 34 thousand people have already lost their lives in that campaign.

In fact, the October 7 attack by Hamas was the deadliest in Israel’s 75-year history. After the start of the Israeli offensive, Matanyahu Engelman said his office wanted to investigate how Hamas was able to carry out such a large-scale attack.

He also said that every incident and matter related to the attack will be verified and analyzed.

At a press conference later in December, Engelmann said his office’s initial investigation had determined that “multifaceted failures and negligence” by Israel’s security systems were responsible for the escalation of the attack. Officials of his office will start a formal investigation into this issue from January 2024.

In Wednesday’s Facebook post, Englishman’s office said that six months of war have already passed. The people of Israel have a right to an explanation from those responsible for this war. The head of the State Investigation Agency has promised to provide detailed information to the public.

Meanwhile, a statement from Netanyahu’s office was issued in response to Wednesday’s Facebook post. The statement said, “The prime minister gave thorough answers to each of the questions asked by the investigating officers.”

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