Iran-Israel in conflict, Jordan in danger

Last Updated on April 25, 2024 1:57 am

Jordan is in great trouble with two powerful countries in the Middle East – Iran and Israel. If there is a full-scale war between the two countries, Jordan may be in a big crisis, according to Sen Yom, a Jordanian expert at Temple University in the United States. He said, Jordan should openly stay out of this trouble. Taking sides in war is dangerous.

Jordan has strategic relations with the United States and Israel. Jordanians are erupting in protests after Israel’s indiscriminate attack on Gaza and Washington’s support for it. Protesters demand that Amman must sever ties with the two countries.

Jordanians have deep sympathy for the Palestinians. There are approximately two million Palestinian refugees in the country. In addition, a large part of the country’s population is of Palestinian origin. In such a situation, after the destruction of an Iranian drone on the night of April 13, many people on social media called Jordan’s King Abdullah a ‘traitor’.

Tehran was also the first to follow Jordan’s steps. It said that Jordan will also be targeted for future attacks if it ignores any Iranian campaign against Israel. However, the two countries quickly resolved this conflict between themselves.

If a large-scale war breaks out in the Middle East, Jordan may also become a victim, Sen Yom said. He said that if the war breaks out, the infrastructure of the country may be damaged. Besides, economic crisis may arise due to decrease in income and trade in the tourism sector.

Jordan’s internal situation has put the country’s monarchy under pressure. Even before October 7, there were many challenges within the country and at the border. Ibrahim Saif, a former minister of Jordan and a senior researcher at the Middle East Institute, a Washington-based research institute, said that Jordan’s economy was gradually recovering after the corona virus. But it has suffered a major setback in recent wars.

All eyes are now on the Rafah border area south of Gaza. Millions of Palestinians have taken refuge there. They fear that the Israeli forces may launch a ground operation in Rafah very soon. If that happens, the Jordanian protesters may take to the streets again.

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