Is there animosity with the United States in Israel’s destiny?

Last Updated on May 13, 2024 5:55 am

This week, US President Joe Biden put the relationship with Israel, which is considered the most important strategic in the world, at risk. Recently in an interview in the American media CNN, Biden was asked, if Israel attacks Rafah according to his plan, what will happen? In response, Biden said, “I will not supply them with weapons anymore.”

Arms shipments are the foundation of the US-Israel alliance. This is the first time in the last four decades that cracks are showing.

Biden is under great pressure at home and abroad to prevent civilian casualties and humanitarian disasters in Gaza. In the end, he made the most difficult decision regarding the supply of arms to Israel. Israel is America’s closest strategic ally in the Middle East. Such a move has not been seen since President Ronald Reagan in 1980.

According to Aaron David Miller, a former US State Department expert and experienced mediator in the Middle East peace process, Biden has been ambivalent since the start of the conflict. On the one hand, the pro-Israeli Republican Party, on the other hand, there is a division between his own party, the Democratic Party. So far, the decisions Biden has made have not appeared to damage US-Israel relations.

But Biden’s views also changed after Israel decided to launch a ground operation in Rafah.

Israel said on Monday that it was targeting Hamas in the east of the city. Locals report hearing continuous explosions. At the same time, the number of injured in almost non-functional hospitals has exceeded the level.

The United Nations says nearly 100,000 people have fled the area and are facing dire shortages of food, shelter, water and sanitation.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly called for a full-scale ground operation in the city, which is home to nearly one million displaced Palestinians. He says the operation is necessary to wipe out the remaining four battalions of Hamas fighters hiding here. He is of the opinion that even if any ceasefire proposal is successful, the operation will be carried out.

Washington has repeatedly urged Netanyahu not to conduct any military operations in Rafah. According to Aaron David Miller, President Biden fears there will be no way to end the war or rescue the hostages if the Rafah operation is launched.

A former official who worked in the Biden administration said that Biden wants to avoid any crisis with Egypt. At the same time, the campaign could further fuel anger and division in the Democratic Party.

“That’s why he sent the signal,” Miller said.

After Biden’s interview aired last Wednesday, America suspended two shipments of 2,000 and 500 pound bombs to Israel.

The US State Department released a report last Friday. It said Israel may have used US-supplied weapons in some cases in the Gaza war in violation of international law. But it is also said that America does not have full information about this. Which means military aid may continue.

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