Israeli attack on refugee camp, 15 Palestinians killed

Last Updated on June 5, 2024 1:37 pm

At least 15 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli strikes on two refugee camps in the besieged Palestinian territory of Gaza. Many more were injured.

The casualties occurred in the Israeli attack on Bureiz and Magazi refugee camps in central Gaza on Tuesday night. Aljazeera news.

A Palestinian health official said at least 15 people were killed in Israeli ground and air strikes on the Buraij and Magazi refugee camps in central Gaza.

“More than 15 martyrs and dozens of wounded have arrived at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in the last few hours,” a health ministry spokesman told reporters outside the grounds of Deir al-Balah hospital in central Gaza.

If the “aggression” does not stop in this area of ​​central Gaza, the death toll is expected to rise rapidly, he said. Al-Aqsa Shaheed Hospital is the only medical infrastructure currently serving more than 1 million people in the area, the spokesman said.

He said, there is no room for more patients in this hospital. The hospital is already ‘overwhelmed with injured people’, many of whom are being treated on the floor.

Two people were killed in an attack on another house in the neighboring Magaji refugee camp, according to officials at Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital.

Earlier, the Israeli military said in a statement that its warplanes hit Hamas targets in central Gaza. In addition, the ground forces are working in the Al-Bureiz area “with the guidance of the intelligence officers”.

Al Jazeera’s Hani Mahmoud said from Deir al-Balah that hospital medical staff were overwhelmed by the number of casualties.

“Doctors are running everywhere, looking for leftover medical equipment including antiseptics and anesthetics to perform emergency operations to save lives,” he said.

“We are still hearing explosions and sounds of heavy machine gun fire and ongoing attacks in eastern central Gaza, including the densely populated Magazi and Buraiz camps,” he added. We have heard from the relatives of the victims that many people are stuck in bomb-damaged houses in those camps.

Meanwhile, the number of Palestinians killed in Israel’s ongoing attack on the Gaza Strip since October last year has risen to at least 36,550, the health ministry of the besieged territory said on Tuesday.

The ministry’s statement also said that 82 thousand 959 people were injured in the attack.

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