The conditions that Israel gave for the cease-fire in Gaza

Last Updated on June 5, 2024 9:46 am

Israel will end its aggression in Gaza if the US guarantees to resume fighting Hamas after a cease-fire and prisoner exchange. Israel’s War Ministry’s new terms throw the Gaza ceasefire into limbo. Because the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has repeatedly said that they will not sign any agreement without a permanent ceasefire. Now if Israel gets the right to attack after the release of the hostages, why would Hamas sign the cease-fire agreement?

Israel’s Kahn Public Broadcasting reported that Israel’s War Cabinet has decided that if Hamas violates the ceasefire agreement, it will demand a guarantee from the United States that it will continue fighting against Hamas.

In this context, an Israeli official said on condition of anonymity that the Israeli decision could reduce the chances of a deal to free the prisoners held in Gaza.

Meanwhile, CIA director William Barnes and White House Middle East policy chief Brett McGurk left for the Middle East on Tuesday. They will discuss ceasefire proposals in Doha and Cairo.

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