New York Times article: ‘The Israel I Knew Has Been Destroyed’

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 8:46 am

American journalist and analyst Thomas Friedman pointed out in an article, Israel’s policies are destructive. His article is titled – ‘The Israel I Knew Has Been Destroyed’.

Recently, the American daily New York Times also published a report in the same tone. In that report, the daily wrote, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is isolating the Zionist regime day by day through his destructive policies.

The report also states that Israel’s policies during peacetime are quite insane. But during the war they became full of madness. That is why Israel is losing friends every day. Because no country wants to be a partner or collaborator of these policies.

Earlier, Friedman wrote in his essay about the coalition that Netanyahu’s party and the extreme right-wing party won in the election to form a government in Israel. Now the course of events has shown that they were wrong and the present situation is even more deplorable than the past… Israel is now in danger.

This US analyst acknowledged that Israel now faces Iran as a regional power. Israel has no diplomatic or military options to deal with Iran.

Noting that Israel also faces possible war in Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank, Friedman wrote, Hezbollah has missiles so sophisticated that they can destroy large swaths of Israel’s infrastructure. From Israel’s airports and seaports to military bases and power plants will also be destroyed.

According to Friedman, Israel is being led by people who are only trying to maintain their power, and they want to keep it by any means necessary. So as not to be subjected to trial and imprisonment. Friedman believes Netanyahu has sold his soul to form a cabinet with far-right Zionists.

Meanwhile, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak recently said that if Netanyahu does not leave power, Tel Aviv will soon find itself in a situation where the Gaza war is on the one hand, while Hezbollah has started an all-out war in the north, and it is also facing a third intifada in the West Bank.

Ehud Barak also said that Yemen’s Ansarullah movement and Iraq’s resistance front are hitting Israel, and Iran is also maintaining a very tough position against Israel.

In this regard, Thomas Friedman wrote in his article, these conflicts are pulling the United States towards a massive war in West Asia.

This analyst, like many other Western analysts, advised the US government to put pressure on Netanyahu. So that Israel accepts a cease-fire in exchange for the release of Jewish prisoners and the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza.

Like other critics of the current situation, he also demanded Netanyahu’s resignation and holding elections in occupied Palestine and Israel.

Recently, Benny Gantz, a member of Israel’s wartime cabinet, resigned from Netanyahu’s cabinet and publicly called for early elections. On the other hand, extremist members of the Israeli cabinet are trying to gain more power.

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