Israel is angry with Spain for recognizing Palestine

Last Updated on April 4, 2024 4:30 am

Most European countries have not yet recognized Palestine as an independent state. This time, the European country Spain is going to recognize Palestine as an independent state, breaking the stalemate.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Tuesday (April 2) that his country will recognize Palestine as an independent state by July. The Spanish Prime Minister said this to the journalists who went with him on a visit to Jordan.

Spain is also trying to convince other European countries to recognize Palestine as an independent state. Slovenia, Malta and Ireland have already agreed.

Last week, these four countries issued a joint statement. They said that when the right time comes, Palestine will be recognized as an independent state.

The Spanish press El Pais reported that the Prime Minister of Spain believes that when they recognize Palestine as an independent country, other European countries will follow suit.

Recognition could be accelerated between the end of the ongoing war in Gaza and the US presidential election in November. After the November election, Donald Trump can be seen again as the new president of the United States.

Israel has reacted to the recognition of Palestine by four European countries. They said recognizing Palestine at the moment would mean rewarding armed groups.

Meanwhile, Palestine wants to become a full member of the United Nations this month. The country applied for full membership of the organization in 2011. That application is still pending.

Security Council approval is required for a country to become a full member of the United Nations. After receiving the clearance, the matter will be taken up in the United Nations General Assembly. Only if at least two-thirds of the 193-member council votes, that country can enter the United Nations.

However, there are fears that Israel’s main ally, the United States, could veto the process at any stage. However, the country has recently been involved in a bitter relationship with Israel over the Gaza war.

Washington did not even vote against the anti-Israel resolution in the Security Council, breaking the long tradition. As a result, analysts see some hope for Palestine’s membership.

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