The Israel-Hamas ceasefire agreement is being rewritten

Last Updated on June 30, 2024 8:42 am

The earlier proposal is being rewritten to seek a compromise between Israel and the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas over a cease-fire in Gaza.

Washington-based Axios reports that three sources involved in the negotiations between the United States, Qatar and Egypt have reported that Article 8 of the ceasefire agreement is being revised. That paragraph calls for six weeks of negotiations in the first phase of the deal.

According to a source, the United States is working hard to formulate a formula for an agreement between Israel and Hamas. It said a deal could be reached if Hamas approves the change.

If the agreement is reached, the ceasefire will be in force for six weeks. At this time, Hamas will release Israeli women, elderly people and sick hostages. At the same time, negotiations for the second phase of ceasefire will begin. In a second step, Hamas will release the remaining hostages it holds. But if Hamas violates its commitment to the deal, Israel can start the war again.

Hamas has repeatedly said it wants guarantees of a permanent ceasefire. Moreover, there must be an agreement on how many Palestinians will be released in exchange for Israeli hostages and who will be released. On the other hand, Israel is insisting on the demilitarization of Gaza.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently announced in an interview that the war would continue after the release of the hostages, creating uncertainty about the agreement. But the next day he insisted that Israel was committed to the ceasefire proposed by US President Joe Biden.

It is believed that 116 hostages still remain in Gaza. But maybe not all of them are alive. Hamas released 105 civilians through a ceasefire last November.

Source: Times of Israel, Al Jazeera

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