A one-day Hajj package will be launched for Mecca residents!

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 11:00 am

A one-day Hajj package may be launched for residents of the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities will think so.

The Saudi government is considering a one-day Hajj package to reduce the number of illegal Hajj pilgrims. According to local media reports, only residents of the holy city of Makkah can enjoy the benefits of this package.

Saudi media Al Watan reported that the package is being considered for legal expatriates and permanent Saudi citizens living in Mecca. It is believed to save them money.

Saudi media also reported that the government intends to advance this plan to simplify the Hajj process and enhance the overall Hajj experience for participants.

Those who want to perform Hajj in this package have to pay in advance. However, it will not be connected with the location of Arafat, southeast of Makkah or Mina.

Instead, the beneficiaries of the package will be able to gather at certain locations. From there they will be taken to Arafat after Zuhr prayer.

After that they will be checked whether they have performed Hajj before and whether they are residents of Makkah or not. Hajj will be permitted only after these two things are confirmed.

According to this package, these pilgrims will stay inside the bus during their stay at Arafat. Then they will be taken to Muzdalifah at the end of that day. There they would collect pebbles and throw them at the devil in Meena.

As these pilgrims will not have any accommodation in Meena, they will spend the night in their homes. However, there is a difference of opinion among the scholars regarding the one-day Hajj package.

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