Afghanistan Responds to Iran’s Drug Trafficking Concerns, Calls for Joint Efforts

Last Updated on March 7, 2024 12:32 pm

In a diplomatic exchange, the Islamic Emirate has responded to concerns raised by the head of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters regarding the surge in production and entry of industrial drugs from Afghanistan. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, emphasized the ongoing efforts to combat drug trafficking within the country and called for joint cooperation between nations.

Mujahid stated that the fight against industrial drugs in Afghanistan is a top priority, with continuous efforts to eliminate any active factories within the country. He reassured that there are currently no operational drug production facilities, and if any secret production is discovered, steps are taken to ban the import of materials that could potentially be used for drug manufacturing.

The head of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters, Sardar Eskandar Momeni, had earlier expressed concerns about a 20% increase in the discovery of industrial drugs, particularly methamphetamine and crystal meth, originating from Afghanistan.

Amidst these statements, international relations analysts weighed in on the issue. Abdul Rahman Shamal emphasized the need for joint actions in accordance with international treaties to eradicate drug cultivation and trafficking. He suggested collaboration with neighboring countries to ensure a comprehensive approach to this global issue.

However, Ahmad Khan Andar, another international relations analyst, questioned the credibility of Iran’s claims, attributing them to geopolitical competitions, particularly with Western countries like the United States. He cautioned against accepting unsubstantiated allegations and urged a more nuanced understanding of the situation.

In a recent update from the Ministry of Interior’s Counter-Narcotics Directorate, it was reported that significant progress has been made in curbing opium poppy cultivation. Over 193 acres of land in four provinces have been cleared of opium poppy, and arrests were made in Nimroz and Badakhshan provinces related to the sale and trafficking of drugs.

As the dialogue continues between Afghanistan and Iran, the emphasis remains on collaborative efforts to address the complex challenge of drug trafficking, emphasizing the need for evidence-based claims and international cooperation to tackle the issue at its root.

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