Bangladesh Bank report: Foreign debt status decreased by 134 million dollars

Last Updated on July 8, 2024 9:00 am

After repayment, the status of external debt has started to decline. In the three months from December to March, the external debt position decreased by $1.34 billion. At the same time, short-term debt also decreased by $129 million. However, compared to June of last year, it has increased by 119 million dollars and compared to September, the total debt position has increased by 275 million dollars. The pressure on the dollar has begun to ease somewhat as the external debt situation eases.

This information was obtained from a report of Bangladesh Bank published on Sunday.

According to sources, from July to March of the last financial year, short-term loans were repaid around 4 billion dollars. As of last June, the debt was $1,400 million. Of this, after repayment of 4 billion dollars, the debt status came down to 1 billion dollars. At that time new loans were taken of 3 billion dollars. Due to which the debt status has increased to 1 thousand 3 billion dollars. At the same time, long-term debt was repaid by $3 billion. A total of 6 billion dollars of debt has been repaid.

According to the information obtained from the report, the debt status in June last year was 9 thousand 811 million dollars. Last March it increased to 9 thousand 930 billion dollars. Debt position increased by $119 million during the reporting period, but compared to December, it was $134 million. decreased Debt position in December was $10,640 million.

Meanwhile, the central bank recently issued a circular extending the repayment period of short-term foreign loans till next December. Especially under back to back LC of the export sector, the repayment period of the loan taken against the import of imported goods and industrial raw materials and fertilizers has been extended. This will reduce the pressure on the dollar. Recent tightening of import controls has reduced short-term foreign borrowing in the sector. But now the pressure of repayment of previous loans has increased.

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