BJP will lose in Gujarat like Ayodhya: Rahul

Last Updated on July 7, 2024 10:08 am

India’s Congress-led India Alliance made a surprise appearance in India’s last Lok Sabha election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Ram Mandi in Ayodhya as an election ‘project’. After that, many people thought that his party BJP is going to win here for sure. But it didn’t happen. Adhesh Prasad of Samajwadi Party defeated BJP here.

This time Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that in future they will defeat BJP in Gujarat too. In Indian politics, Gujarat is known as the base of BJP. Even though it did not get enough seats to form the government, the Congress gave a big blow to the BJP. This is the first time BJP has to rely on its allies to form the government for the third time.

In Ahmedabad, Rahul Gandhi claimed that the BJP vandalized its offices in Gujarat and attacked party workers.

Addressing the protest rally to Congress workers, Rahul said, ‘Together we are going to defeat them in Gujarat. We will defeat Narendra Modi and BJP in Gujarat as we defeated them in Ayodhya… ‘

BJP’s Lallu Singh lost to Samajwadi Party’s Adhesh Prasad in Ayodhya’s parliamentary seat Faizabad. The margin of votes was 54 thousand. This news quickly spread around the world. It was difficult for BJP to lose this seat. Rahul explained the exact reasons why the BJP candidate lost in Ayodhya.

Criticizing BJP’s policy in Ayodhya, Rahul further said, “A lot of land was taken from people in Ayodhya for the construction of Ram Mandir. Till date Narendra Modi government has not compensated them. Secondly, Ayodhya International Airport was built on farmers’ land, without even giving them proper compensation. Thirdly, no one from Ayodhya was present at the inauguration of Ram Mandir; which angered the people. That is why the NDA lost in Ayodhya and the India Alliance won”.

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