Calls for a coup in Israel’s army

Last Updated on May 27, 2024 10:52 am

The occupying Israeli forces have been carrying out barbaric aggression in Gaza for seven long months. But not seeing a visible victory in the war, the Israeli army (IDF) and the Netanyahu administration are getting upset. Now there are some samples of it.

Netanyahu thought that the fighters of the Palestinian independence organization Hamas would be crushed under tanks. But his hope is crushed. On the contrary, he is under fire inside and outside the house.

This time, chaos has also appeared in his army. A member of the Israeli army has threatened a coup in a video message to the country’s top officials.

A video of a member of the Israeli army went viral on social media on Saturday. Then the trouble started.

In the video, the masked soldier calls for a revolt against Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Harji Halevi and Defense Minister Yoav Galant. After that, there was an uproar in Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reported in a report that the Israeli Defense Forces began searching for the soldier after the video was published. Finally they were able to identify the soldier. The person is a member of the reserve force. Now Israel has started an investigation against him. He has been summoned for questioning.

The soldier said, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this video is for you. We reservists do not want to hand over the keys to any Palestinian Authority. Israeli media reported that the video was recorded in a building in Gaza. They came to this conclusion by looking at the graffiti on the wall.

Netanyahu’s son Yair Netanyahu shared the video inciting the military coup on his Telegram account. Later, the Israeli Prime Minister commented on that video. He expressed his reluctance to do anything of the sort. But no matter what Netanyahu says, there is an uproar in Israel.

This video came out at a time when Israel is increasingly isolated in the international arena. As the tendency to recognize Palestine as an independent state is increasing, so are the anti-Israel protests in the country.

The weakness of the Israeli army was exposed only after it failed to prevent the October 7 attack last year. And now the division is showing.

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