‘China’s support for Russia fueling Ukraine war’

Last Updated on June 16, 2024 9:52 am

China’s support for Russia is “fueling” the Ukraine war, world leaders have accused. The leaders discussed China on the second day of the two-day G-7 summit on Friday. There, they strongly criticized Beijing’s stance on the Russia-Ukraine war.

In a statement on Friday, G-7 leaders said China’s support for Russian defense bases was enabling Russia to continue its illegal war. We call on China to stop the transfer of war materials, including weapons materials and equipment. G7 leaders have threatened to take tougher measures, including imposing sanctions on Chinese firms that are helping Russia.

This message came from them at the G-7 summit that ended on Thursday in Italy.

The US alleges that China is helping Moscow to increase production of tanks, weapons and armored vehicles. However, Beijing has completely rejected this accusation, saying that it has not supplied weapons to any side. Rather, strict controls are maintained on the export of products.

President Joe Biden said China does not supply weapons. However, they have weapons-making capabilities and technological expertise. It is actually helping Russia.

The United States and the European Union have already imposed sanctions on some Chinese companies.

Reuters reported that after the G-7 summit, the United States discussed China’s assistance to Russia’s military industrial complex. US President Joe Biden and the heads of state and government of Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, and the United Kingdom discussed how to establish fair trade with the world’s second largest economy, especially green technology.

They are mainly focusing on how to protect their industries by avoiding a trade fight with Beijing.

This week the US imposed new sanctions on Chinese companies supplying semiconductors to Russia. The United States is also taking a tough stance on G-7 China’s economic policies.

“We are concerned about China’s continued industrial targeting and extensive non-market policies and activities,” the joint statement said. Global market systems and growing sectors are leading to harmful overcapacity. Even undermining our workers, industries, economic resilience and security.

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