Destruction of Palestinians is Israel’s main goal: ex-NATO colonel

Last Updated on June 26, 2024 8:54 am

Israel’s genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip violates all the rules of ‘counter-insurgency’. Israel’s continued attacks can only be explained as a planned attempt to ‘destroy the Palestinian nation’. Colonel Jacques Baud, a former analyst of the US-led military alliance NATO and an intelligence officer of Switzerland, made such comments.

In an interview with Russian news channel RTK, Baud said Israel is not trying to solve the Hamas problem politically, as is usually done in counterinsurgency. Rather, he said, Tel Aviv is resorting to brutal means whose only goal is to destroy the entire Palestinian nation.

Colonel Baud’s interview was aired on the same day that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his desire to resume aggression in Gaza after rescuing hostages from Gaza.

Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed “total victory” against Hamas as the main target of the Gaza offensive since October 7. But he also outlined the establishment of “full security control” over the Gaza Strip as a post-war plan.

Colonel Baud said about this, Israel does not want to solve the Hamas problem by political means, because Tel Aviv is stupid or does not know the rules of war, but because Israel wants to eliminate the Palestinians as a nation.

The former colonel of NATO directly said that only Jews will live in the Palestinian territory – Israel has adopted this policy since the beginning. They will not hesitate to use any brutality to implement this policy. Their ultimate goal is to free the land called Palestine from the Palestinian people.

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