Eruption in Indonesia, closure of 6 airports

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 3:06 am

The Ruang volcano near the Indonesian island of Sulawesi has erupted again. As a result, more than six airports have been declared closed.

Local residents are asked to be on high alert as lava spewed from the volcano and ash spread around the area since Tuesday (April 30) morning.

Meanwhile, more than six airports have been closed due to the eruption of a volcano in Indonesia.

It is known that the ash of the volcanic eruption has spread to the island of Borneo in Malaysia. Authorities are evacuating thousands of people amid fears of a tsunami.

Officials said on Wednesday that there were three eruptions from Mount Ruang on Tuesday. Lava and ash spread up to five kilometers into the sky.

Authorities have issued orders to evacuate 12,000 locals. After the eruption, a tsunami is feared due to ash and lava falling into the sea.

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