Fierce clash with junta: Tang National Army captures Shan State city

Last Updated on June 27, 2024 9:56 am

The Taeng National Army (TNLA) has captured a town in Shan State, bordering China in northern Myanmar. Myanmar media Irrawaddy reported this information in a report on Wednesday (June 26).

According to the report, the Taeng National Liberation Army (TNLA), a rebel armed force of the state, attacked the junta forces in the northern Shan state of the country on Wednesday morning (June 26) local time. The rebel group has captured a town in the state after intense clashes with the junta forces.

The TNLA said on Wednesday it attacked the junta’s Light Infantry Battalion 115 outside the city. They also attacked Artillery Battalion 352 outside Kyaukum and Sakhan Tha Hill.

The TNLA also reported that 17 junta troops surrendered in Kiukme on Wednesday.

According to local residents, TNLA fighters attacked a junta-controlled police station in the town of Kyaukmi early Wednesday morning local time. The location of the city on China’s important trade route with Myanmar. In such a situation, the situation is prevailing in the center of the city. Civilians do not dare to leave their homes.

The TNLA also reported that TNLA fighters clashed with junta forces in the ruby ​​mining area of ​​Mogok in neighboring Mandalay region, as well as in the towns of Naungcho and Sipao.

Quoting local residents, TNLA said four members of QCom were killed in Janta’s bomb blast.

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