Hamas accuses Netanyahu of obstructing the talks

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 9:11 am

Israeli attacks across the Palestinian Gaza Strip have created new obstacles to peace talks that have escalated to end the war, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas made this complaint in the context of the start of indirect talks between Hamas and Israel this week.

In a statement released on Monday, Hamas said, “We have shown flexibility and positivity to facilitate the agreement, but Netanyahu is creating more obstacles in the way of negotiations.” He continues to increase his aggression and crimes against our people and attempts to forcefully displace them. He continues to try to thwart all attempts to reach an agreement. Hamas also accused Netanyahu of waging “psychological warfare”.

Hamas showed some flexibility for peace talks, raising hopes for a ceasefire and hostage releases. However, when Netanyahu made four demands on Sunday, new uncertainty was created. One of his conditions was that even if there was a ceasefire, they could start fighting again at any time. His claim caused a lot of anger among the negotiators. Even Israeli security officials were outraged by this.

In a statement on Monday, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh warned that the disastrous consequences of what is happening in Gaza could lead to a reset of the negotiation process.

Hamas, citing the former Palestinian prime minister in Gaza, said Netanyahu and his army “will bear full responsibility for the collapse of this route”.

Meanwhile, Israeli, Egyptian and US officials have begun talks to reopen the Rafah crossing and stop arms smuggling across the Egypt-Gaza border. Their discussion also includes the release of hostages.

The US negotiating team is led by White House Middle East chief Brett McGurk and CIA director Bill Burns. The Israeli team is led by Shin Bet chief Ronen Bar. The Egyptian team is headed by intelligence chief Abbas Kamal.

Last April, US officials told The Times of Israel that Hamas was considering building an underground wall along the Philadelphia Corridor between Egypt and Gaza to prevent arms smuggling from the Sinai.

Source: The Times of Israel

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