Hamas cannot be defeated: Israeli forces

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 10:48 am

Israel’s top military officer, Daniel Hagari, said it is not possible to eliminate the Palestinian independence group Hamas. He said this in an interview given to local media Channel 13.

Israel’s recent offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip, however, has had the main goal of defeating Hamas. But after eight months of raids that killed more than 37,000 innocent Palestinians, they now say it is not possible to eliminate the pro-independence group.

In an interview given to Israeli broadcaster Channel 13, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said, “We are going to eliminate Hamas, this is putting dust in people’s eyes.” Unless we provide an alternative, Hamas will survive in the end.

Daniel Hagari also said that Hamas is an ideal. And we cannot eliminate any ideology.

A high-ranking army officer’s comments have sparked controversy in Israel.

In the meantime, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office has rejected his comments. Netanyahu has repeatedly said that his attack on Gaza will not end until Hamas is defeated.

Israel’s political and security cabinet, led by Netanyahu, has identified the destruction of Hamas’ military and government capabilities as one of the goals of the war, his office said in a statement. The Israeli military is certainly committed to this.

After the surprise attack of Hamas on Israel on October 7, the Israeli military launched an unprecedented offensive in Gaza. In this campaign, they failed to eliminate the prestige of Hamas, but caused massive destruction. At least 37,396 Palestinians, mostly women and children, have been killed in Israeli attacks over the past eight months. More than 85 thousand people were injured.

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