Hamas considers Biden’s ceasefire proposal ‘positive’

Last Updated on June 1, 2024 4:46 pm

Hamas considers US President Joe Biden’s ceasefire proposal ‘positive’. Hamas issued a statement on Friday evening after the US President called on Hamas to accept the ceasefire proposal.

Quoting the statement, AFP said on Saturday that they are positively looking at Biden’s statement on the establishment of a permanent ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli troops from Gaza and the reconstruction of the valley and the exchange of prisoners.

President Biden called for an end to the nearly eight-month-old Gaza war while announcing Israel’s cease-fire proposal. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly reacted negatively to Biden’s call for peace talks. He emphasized that Israeli forces will continue to fight until Hamas’ ability to rule Gaza and pose a threat to Israel is exhausted.

Israel continues to attack Gaza’s densely populated southern town of Rafah, ignoring calls from the international community. In this situation, Biden announced the cease-fire proposal of Israel yesterday quite unexpectedly.

Biden made this call at the White House yesterday local time. In this three-stage new proposal, Biden said to Hamas that there is an opportunity to implement a complete ceasefire in Gaza, “Hamas always says – they want a ceasefire.” Now is the chance for Hamas to prove that they really want it.

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