3 points of Israel’s proposal to end the war

Last Updated on June 1, 2024 4:44 pm

Israel has made a new proposal to end the war in Gaza, Palestine. The proposal is said to be implemented in three phases.

A six-week ceasefire will be implemented in the first phase, BBC reports. During this time, Israeli troops will be withdrawn from all populated areas of Gaza. Hamas will release a ‘specified number’ of hostages during the ceasefire. Among them will be women, elderly people and injured hostages. In return, hundreds of people imprisoned in Israel will be released. Apart from this, the bodies of those who died as hostages in the hands of Hamas must be handed over to their families.

Palestinian civilians in all areas of Gaza will be allowed to return to their homes. Along with that, the humanitarian assistance program in Gaza will be increased. 600 trucks carrying humanitarian aid will be allowed into Gaza every day. The international community will provide thousands of temporary shelters for Gazans.

Peace talks brokered by the US and Qatar will continue during the six-week ceasefire. If the negotiations are successful, then the next phase of planning will begin.

Hamas will release the remaining hostages in the second phase. Among them will be male army hostages. Also, the last of the Israeli forces will be withdrawn from the Gaza Strip. The ceasefire will be upgraded to a ‘permanent cessation of hostilities’.

In the third phase, the process of returning the hostages will be completed completely. A major ‘reconstruction plan’ for Gaza will be launched. Under this, houses, schools and hospitals will be rebuilt in the Gaza Strip with US and international assistance.

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