Hizbullah released video of important Israeli installations

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 12:35 pm

A video of Israeli military and civilian installations has been released by the Iranian-backed Lebanese organization Hezbollah. Israel said the nearly 10-minute video was captured by a drone.

CNN reported on Tuesday that the video showed important military and civilian installations in several Israeli cities.

After the incident, Israel warned Hezbollah of all-out war. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Kurtz said in a post on social media, “We are getting very close to a game-changing moment against Hezbollah and Lebanon.” Hezbollah will be destroyed in an all-out war and Lebanon will suffer a severe blow.

The video, released by Hezbollah, shows parts of it taken during the day. The video shows views of Kiraot, the populous port city of Haifa, south of Israel’s border with Lebanon. Another part of the video shows a military complex near Haifa that houses Israel’s Rafale weapons factory. There are also Iron Dome batteries, missile depots and radar installations. The video also shows military vehicles, ships and oil depots.

Since October 7, the day after the Hamas attack on Israel, Lebanon’s Iran-backed armed group Hezbollah has been attacking Israel in support of the Palestinians. Israel also targeted Hezbollah installations.

In response to the Hezbollah video, Israel’s foreign minister said Nasrallah is now pulling the Haifa port, which is operated by Chinese and Indian companies. Nasrullah is threatening to destroy them with dire consequences.

The United States and allies are warning Hezbollah, the Middle East’s most powerful paramilitary group, of escalating tensions against Israel. Nevertheless, tensions have risen in recent weeks.

Source: CNN

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