Is Netanyahu going to start a massive war against Lebanon?

Last Updated on June 11, 2024 10:04 am

Israel claimed it had forced Hezbollah to retreat. But Hezbollah recently launched two military operations just meters apart to prove to Israeli settlers that their officials are lying to them and that Hezbollah is within meters of Israeli soldiers’ skulls.

Most observers believe that a potential war with Lebanon rests with Netanyahu, but he is in crisis and under pressure on multiple fronts. Meanwhile, Yemen has launched the fourth phase of its offensive targeting Israeli interests in the Mediterranean. They continue to destroy US and British military ships and the naval coalition has not been able to stop the Yemenis. The Yemeni front has completely blocked Israel’s port of Eilat in a series of attacks and is now targeting the Mediterranean.

Israeli casualties on the Gaza front are also high and many more Israeli soldiers have been captured by Palestinian resistance fighters. On the other hand, there is great tension on the Lebanon front. In this situation, massive protests are being held inside Israel demanding the resignation of the Netanyahu government and new elections.

Netanyahu is under pressure as the possibility that the International Court of Justice could issue arrest warrants against Israeli leaders is increasing. Besides, if the war in Gaza stops, Netanyahu’s political career will end and he will have to go to prison. In this situation, there are fears that Netanyahu may attack Lebanon to avoid possible danger.

Although Israel claimed that it had forced Hezbollah to retreat, Hezbollah proved to the Zionist settlers that their government was lying to them and did not retreat.

In fact, when we analyze the videos of resistance fighters and learn about the types of weapons they use, we find that these weapons are classic and old weapons such as B-seven model mortars, Picassier machine guns, Kalashnikovs and cannons. This suggests that with these weapons it is possible to resist Israeli aggression and destroy Israeli military installations and capture their soldiers. Lebanese generals have told occupying Israel that if they invade Lebanon, the resistance fighters will take them back to the same position as Israel was defeated in the previous war, and that there will be major attacks on their military bases.

Lebanese resistance fighters Hezbollah recently shot down Israel’s second state-of-the-art Hermes 900 drone. Through this, Hezbollah has made it clear to Israel that they can target Hermes drones flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet. Similarly, they can shoot down Israeli F-16, F-15 and F-35 fighter jets with anti-aircraft.

Thus, Hezbollah’s main message to Israel is to convince them that if they want to launch a military operation in Lebanon, they should know that we have something shocking that will make Israel regret it.

In fact, Israel has so far spent the bulk of its military power in Lebanon and Gaza. But, Lebanon’s Hezbollah has used a small fraction of its capabilities, less than 25 percent of their capabilities, and much to Israel’s surprise.

Israel’s war minister and other officials have threatened Lebanon more than 80 times. But they know the consequences of any action against Lebanon. Other leaders, including Mohammed Raad, the head of Lebanon’s Royalty faction, said that if Israel was foolish and launched a military operation in southern Lebanon, the resistance fighters would not let the Israelis see the light of day.

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