‘Israel will be wiped off the map if Lebanon is attacked’

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 8:46 am

Sayed Hassan Nasrullah, secretary general of the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, warned that the threat of war against Lebanon does not scare us and we should not. Because the enemy knows very well that we have prepared ourselves for the worst situation. He also knows what is on his forehead when he attacks.

Nasrullah issued this warning in a televised speech on the occasion of commemoration of the Hezbollah field commander Taleb Sami Abdullah alias Abu Taleb, who was killed in an Israeli attack last Wednesday.

After the Hezbollah leader’s warning, Abdul Bari Atwan, a famous political commentator in the Arab world, said that if Israel tries to show any kind of cowardice against Lebanon, Hezbollah will respond with its teeth.

Recently, in a news analysis in Rai Al-Yawm news agency, Atwan wrote, “To understand the importance of Sayyed Hasan Nasrullah’s speech, we need to analyze the reactions of three parties regarding that speech.”

This journalist said in his article, the first to react was the President of Cyprus, Nicos Christodoulidis. He nervously said that Cyprus does not want to engage in any kind of war against Lebanon.

Referring to Hizbullah’s ‘Hudhud’ drone as a new surprise for Israel, Atwan wrote, Israeli media as well as military experts, referring to the millions of missiles, drones and rockets in Hizbullah’s hands, said – Israel is in a very fragile state in terms of military and security in dealing with these weapons. Especially after Hezbollah sent their surprise ‘Hudhud’ spy drones into northern Israel, Israeli officials have lost sleep.

He said that the video footage released by Hezbollah last week showed that the Hudhud drone had penetrated Israel’s alleged air defense system and returned to Lebanon without taking sensitive pictures of important military and civilian installations, including the Haifa air base and naval base.

Atwan writes about American journalist Thomas Friedman’s admission that Israel is heading towards destruction. New York Times journalist Thomas Friedman has admitted that Israel is now having to fight on three fronts – Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank. The Israel we have known for so long is in decline. This Israel now faces a major power, Iran, which wants to use its proxy and military capabilities in the Middle East to destroy Israel.

Atwan warns in his article that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually wants to involve the United States in a major war in the Middle East. However, Russia and China will mainly reap the benefits of this war.

Referring to the fact that the Cyprus-Israel secret agreement is now in the hands of Hezbollah, Abdul Bari Atwan said, Sayyed Hasan Nasrullah has made eye contact with the European island state of Cyprus located in the Mediterranean Sea for the first time. He even threatened to attack the country’s airport and other facilities.

In this regard, this Arab political analyst also said that the Hezbollah leader made the threat only after receiving accurate information from the intelligence sources of the organization. According to intelligence sources, a joint Israeli-Cyprus military exercise was held in a mountainous area of ​​Cyprus last April. The hilly area is similar to the hilly area of ​​southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah’s own intelligence sources have also reported that Israel and Cyprus have made an agreement on the basis of which Cyprus will open its airports to Israeli military and civilian aircraft if Israel’s airports are destroyed by Hezbollah attacks.

Atwan wrote that Hudhud is not only a spy drone, but it has the power to carry out attacks. Even though the Zionist Israeli generals have been keeping a close eye on Hezbollah’s missile power for the past 10 years, they are shocked to see the capabilities of Hezbollah’s Hudhud drones. They realized that the Hudhud has incredible speed and the ability to fly at extremely low altitudes, evading radar systems. Along with this drone can also be installed high explosive warhead. In other words, if Hezbollah wants to use such drones, it can attack Israel’s sensitive installations.

Along with this, this political analyst also thinks that Hezbollah is now in a stronger position than any time in the past in terms of morale and military power. He said that it is for this reason that recently the special representative of the United States for Middle East Affairs visited Lebanon and returned to Washington empty-handed.

Abdul Bari Atwan commented that Tel Aviv will be erased from the world map before attacking Lebanon. In his article, this Arab analyst pointed to Israeli War Minister Yoav Galant’s threats against Hezbollah, and officials like Galant have threatened Hezbollah several times so far. But if he had any such power, he would either exercise it or remain silent; He didn’t make empty noises.

Atwan said he is sure that Tel Aviv will be wiped off the world map before the first Israeli missile hits Lebanese territory.

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