Israeli forces are shooting as soon as they come out on the streets of Rafah

Last Updated on May 30, 2024 9:40 am

Gaza’s southern city of Rafah is being wounded by continuous Israeli attacks. Since the beginning of this month, Israel has been carrying out brutal killings in this city.

The shelters marked as ‘safe places’ are also being burnt to ashes. They don’t care about anything. Barbaric Israeli forces have entered the center of Rafah to attack.

Bragging about power is going on there too. Israeli soldiers are shooting and killing anyone on the streets of Rafah. According to an eyewitness, Al Jazeera reported this information.

According to the report, on Tuesday, Israeli tanks first occupied Al-Awda intersection in the heart of Rafah. Israeli tanks and armored vehicles equipped with machine guns were seen near the mosque. Israeli tanks and drones shoot at anyone on the streets.

Abdel Khatib, a resident of Rafah, said people are currently in their homes. Because Israeli forces are shooting at anyone walking on the street.

On Tuesday, Israel launched an airstrike on a refugee camp in al-Mawasi area west of Rafah city. According to the Ministry of Health of Gaza, 21 people were killed in the latest attack. At least 13 of them are women and children. Many people were also injured in the attack.

Earlier on Sunday, 45 people were killed in an Israeli attack on Tel al-Sultan refugee camp in Rafah. There is a worldwide storm of condemnation in this incident. However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to attack Gaza regardless of anything.

Palestinians are also forced to leave the city due to the fear of Israeli attacks across Gaza. Since the beginning of this month, about one million Palestinians have been forced to flee from Rafah due to Israel’s aggression. The death toll is also increasing in the valley. At least 36,096 Palestinians have been killed and 81,136 wounded in Israeli attacks since the war began on October 7.

Although the whole world criticizes Israel, the United States still praises the barbaric army. The US does not believe that Israel has crossed a “red line” by attacking the besieged Palestinian town of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Also, the United States believes that the full-scale invasion of Rafah has not yet begun. White House spokesman John Kirby said this at a press conference on Wednesday.

However, US President Joe Biden had previously said that a full-scale attack by Israel on Rafah, a haven for millions of civilians, would cross the “redline”.

At the press conference, Kirby was asked about Sunday’s Israeli airstrikes in Rafah and the deaths of 45 displaced Palestinians in tents. In response, Kirby said the news of the deaths of women, children and the elderly in Sunday’s attack was “heartbreaking” and “appalling”.

Kirby then admitted that Israel was investigating the incident. Also, there was no change in the policy of talking about it after the attack on Rafah. “We still do not believe that a major ground operation in Rafah is warranted,” he stressed at the press conference. We are not seeing that at the moment.’

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