Israeli minister injured in road accident

Last Updated on April 27, 2024 2:53 am

Israel’s radical leader and national security minister Itamar Ben Gavir was injured in a road accident. Although the injuries were not serious, he was taken to hospital for treatment. News from various Israeli media and Reuters.

The accident happened on the way back from the city of Ramli near Tel Aviv on Friday. The Israeli police said that the incident is being investigated.

In the video published in the Israeli media, it was seen that the car in which Ben Gavir was riding was overturned. Police Commissioner Kabi Sabatai told reporters that two more people were injured in the accident.

Notably, Ben Gavir is a controversial member of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wartime cabinet. After the recent Iranian drone and missile attack on Israel, he expressed his opinion in favor of an all-out attack on Iran.

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