Israeli tanks penetrated further into Rafah

Last Updated on June 20, 2024 8:45 am

With the support of warplanes and drones, Israeli tanks are advancing further into Rafah city in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian health workers and residents said,

Eight more people were killed in the attack by the Israeli forces on Wednesday. News from Reuters.

Local residents said Israeli tanks entered five areas after midnight on Tuesday. There was heavy shelling and shooting at the tents of displaced people in Al-Mawasi area.

International mediators have not yet been able to convince Hamas and Israel for a ceasefire in the nearly eight-month war. The United States has been supporting this mediation initiative.

Although Israeli forces have turned most of Gaza into wasteland and occupied most of the Palestinian territories, they have not yet achieved the goal of eliminating Hamas and freeing Israeli hostages.

Medical workers and Hamas media said eight Palestinians were killed in al-Mawasi. Many families are taking refuge in northern Gaza out of fear. They did not reveal the identity of the deceased. Israeli forces said they are investigating the casualties.

Some of the locals said that the Israeli army blew up many houses in the western part of Rafah city with explosives.

Another horrible night in Rafah, said a resident who did not wish to be named. Israelis fired from warplanes, drones and tanks. Sleeping people were shot and shelled in Mawasi area. Many were killed and injured.

Earlier on Tuesday, during a briefing of military correspondents, an Israeli commander said that they are planning an operation against Hamas fighters in Saboura and Tel al-Sultan areas. Not all Hamas fighters have been wiped out yet. They must be eliminated completely. At this pace it will take more or less a month.

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