Japan introduced new app to increase population

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 10:29 am

Japan’s depopulation problem has become more serious in recent years. The government is encouraging citizens to marry and form smart families to boost population decline. Even the country is going to start the journey of dating app officially this time.

Japan’s health, labor and welfare ministry said in new figures on Friday that the country’s birth rate per mother was 1.26, compared to the previous year’s figures. But in the latest statistics, this rate has come down to 1.20. Due to which the country is going to take such steps.

The government will launch its own dating app as early as this summer to boost the national birth rate, according to a report in Tokyo Today, citing an official.

Experts believe that this happened in 1973 during the economic contraction due to the global energy crisis. But since then, the birth rate in Japan is constantly decreasing.

Japan’s depopulation problem has become more serious in recent years. Because, during these years, the number of people who died in the country exceeded the number of children born. As a result, the population of the country started to decrease rapidly. It has already started having an impact on the country’s workforce, economy and social sector.

In 2023, 15 lakh 70 thousand people died in Japan. This means that the number of people who died in the country last year was more than twice the number of new born babies. Last year only 727 thousand 277 children were born in the country of 123.9 million population.

The country’s youth marriage rate has also dropped significantly. Only 30,000 weddings were held in the country last year. On the other hand, divorce cases are constantly increasing.

In the latest move, city officials have piloted a government dating app in the nation’s capital, Tokyo. Although this app is currently in its initial stage, it is expected to be fully operational by the end of this year.

The app’s website says, ‘Use this as a first step to marriage, please.’

In the app, artificial intelligence will work to find Japanese women and men preferred matchmakers. In this app, those interested will add various information about their likes and dislikes in the case of their desired bride and groom along with health examination details. Accordingly, artificial intelligence will find a suitable partner.

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