Russia and China are concerned about US plans

Last Updated on June 8, 2024 9:36 am

Russia and China have expressed concern over the draft resolution presented by the United States to the UN Security Council for a cease-fire in Gaza. US President Joe Biden has outlined a plan for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas. The two countries expressed concern about that on Thursday. Russia and China have veto power in the UN Security Council. British news agency Reuters reported this news.

Algeria, the only Arab member of the Security Council, has also signaled its unwillingness to support the draft, diplomats said. It needs at least nine votes to pass the resolution in the Security Council. However, if any of these five countries, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, China and Russia, veto it, it will not pass. A week ago, Biden proposed a three-phase cease-fire plan in the Gaza Strip. He described it as an Israeli initiative. The US is seeking international support for this plan. A one-page draft resolution was sent to the 15-member UN Security Council on Monday.

A revised version was also released on Wednesday. Reuters has seen both versions of the proposal. The current version of the draft welcomes the ceasefire proposal. It was described as ‘acceptable’ to Israel. At the same time, Hamas has also been urged to accept the draft. Both parties are urged to fully implement the terms of the plan immediately and unconditionally.

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