Modi government will not last long, claims Rahul Gandhi

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 8:30 am

The country’s opposition leader Rahul Gandhi has commented that India’s Modi government will not last long. He said, very soon, the Modi government’s conflict with the partner parties will start. He said this in an interview given to the Financial Times.

In the interview, the Congress leader claimed that India’s political landscape has undergone a tectonic shift after the unexpected results this month. As a result, PM Modi’s government will struggle to survive.

The Financial Times published a report on Tuesday about Rahul’s interview. It is said that Modi took oath last week. He became the first Prime Minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru to win a third consecutive term. But Indian political analysts have questioned the stability of Modi’s BJP-led coalition government. Because this government is in the weakest position in a decade. After coming to power in 2014, this is the first time that the BJP has lost its majority in the elections. The party is therefore forced to rely on allied parties to maintain power.

On the other hand, the opposition coalition led by Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party has achieved much better results than predicted in the election results. This alliance has won 234 seats out of 543 seats in the Indian Lok Sabha. And Modi’s BJP-led alliance is in power after winning the metric 293 seats with the prediction of huge victory. This election result has made opposition leader Rahul Gandhi very confident. It is believed that the Congress-led India Alliance will announce Rahul’s name as the leader of the opposition in India’s new parliament after the elections.

Referring to the results of the election, Rahul told the Financial Times, “The numbers are such that they are very fragile and even a slight disturbance will bring down the government.” Basically, a partner group will have to sit down.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that there was already great discontent in Modi’s camp. Not only that, some of the leaders of Modi’s side have already been maintaining contact with the opposition alliance based on the source of these troubles. However, the Congress leader expressed reluctance to divulge more on the matter.

Rahul Gandhi claimed that if the elections were held under normal and fair conditions in the country, his opposition alliance would have won the majority of seats. Ahead of the vote, Gandhi and his allies accused Modi’s government of cracking down on opposition leaders and activists. Two of these chief ministers have also gone to jail. Even Congress bank accounts have been seized. Recalling those days, Rahul said, “We fought with our hands tied behind our backs and the Indian common man and poor people knew what to do.”

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