Thailand has also approved same-sex marriage

Last Updated on June 19, 2024 8:27 am

Thailand’s parliament has allowed same-sex marriage. It is the first country in Southeast Asia to decide on such a marriage.

A bill in this regard was passed in the Senate, the upper house of the Parliament, on Tuesday. Reuters news

The bill was brought to Parliament more than two decades ago by the efforts of LGBT rights activists and politicians; But due to various complications, it took so many years to pass.

The bill was already passed by the lower house of Parliament, Rathasafa (National Assembly). Now after passing the Senate, it will be sent to the court of the King of Thailand. The bill will become a law only if the King gives his assent.

Thailand’s same-sex marriage rights activists and politicians cheered after the bill passed the Senate after two decades. Pleifah Kayoka Shodlad, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Same-Sex Marriage, said, “In the modern age, love cannot be bound by any reform.” For the last 20 years we have been trying to convey this to everyone and today we have succeeded.

A new milestone in the history of Thailand was established by passing the bill in the Senate. We are very proud to be the makers of this milestone.

After the law was passed, there was a jubilation among same-sex marriage supporters and rights activists. The decision of the Senate is being welcomed by flying the rainbow flag symbolizing the LGBT everywhere from Parliament to the road.

Notably, Thailand is the first in Southeast Asia to allow same-sex marriage, but the third in Asia. Earlier this law was passed in the parliament of Nepal and Taiwan.

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