Myanmar’s Rakhine state on the brink of collapse

Last Updated on May 9, 2024 3:41 am

The Arakan Army, an ethnic rebel group, captured a military base in the western part of Myanmar’s Rakhine state near the Bangladesh border and captured hundreds of Junta soldiers.

Security forces in Rakhine have been at loggerheads since three insurgents launched an attack last November. They have had a ceasefire with the Arakan Army since the junta took power in a military coup in 2021. But the ceasefire broke down in November.

The military is still in control of the state capital Sittwe. However, AA fighters have occupied various areas of the surrounding districts, including bases on the border between India and Bangladesh.

According to local media reports, the group captured the Arakan Army’s ‘Military Operation Command 15’ near the town of Buthidang, about 90 kilometers north of Sittwe.

However, when and how it came into possession is not given in detail.

According to the local media, fighting was going on there for several days. After the final attack there, the junta forces accepted defeat and surrendered.

Earlier, a report by the media The Irrawaddy said that the Arakan Army has captured a large BGP base in Rakhine State, the country’s border guard force. They took control of the BGP headquarters in Mangdu suburb on Friday. Members of the Arakan Army have also entered the city.

Members of the Arakan Army attacked the BGP’s Kiy Kan Pin border guard police headquarters on Thursday. Myanmar government police and military tried to resist them. But unable to withstand the attack, they were forced to retreat.

Kye Kan Pin village is 12 km north of Mangdu. The commanders were rescued by junta government helicopters before the base there fell to the Arakan Army. However, two checkpoints east of Maungdu city are still under the control of the junta forces.

Local media in Rakhine reported that at least 50 Myanmar Army soldiers surrendered to the Arakan Army.

The military took over Myanmar’s national power shortly after gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1948. Anti-junta armed groups started to develop in different provinces of the country since that time.

Various armed groups, including the Arkan Army, have been fighting the military’s tyranny for decades. But their fight has gained new momentum since 2022-23.

According to information provided by the international press, three ethnic rebel groups in Myanmar joined forces and launched a coordinated attack against the junta forces in late October 2023. The rebel groups are Ta’ang National Liberation Army-TNLA, Arakan Army-AA and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army-MNDAA.

According to political analysts, if the war goes on like this, the flag of Rakhine state will pass to the Arakan rebel group in a few days.

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