Finding life in the outside world! James Webb Telescope information sensational

Last Updated on May 5, 2024 3:53 am

Space scientists have found life outside the earth. According to the data captured by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, scientists claim to have found clues in space that could finally prove the existence of life outside of Earth. Naturally, there has been a great stir in the scientific community.

According to media reports, scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope have discovered a gas hidden in space, which may prove that life exists elsewhere than on Earth.

What is this gas? It is known that it is dimethyl sulfide. According to NASA, this gas is produced only by life. As a result, scientists are generally convinced that there is life in the universe.

Incidentally, the high-tech James Webb Space Telescope went into space in December 2021. After two long weeks it became operational. The successor to the Hubble Space Telescope has been sending back pictures of cosmic wonders ever since. Its images are more perfect, more clear than Hubble’s.

The European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency joined hands with NASA to build this very powerful space telescope. NASA’s state-of-the-art telescope will roam the space for the next decade. It will show the pictures of the far corners of the mysterious universe. Which will reveal the unknown information of this vast world.

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