Night clubs open in Saudi, women can also enter

Last Updated on May 29, 2024 5:56 pm

Saudi Arabia is slowly emerging from the shell of conservatism. After allowing women to drive cars, sit in the field to watch sports and open cinema halls, the country has now launched ‘night clubs’. The name of the club is ‘Beast House’. However, to become a member, you have to follow several rules. Along with that, you have to pay a large sum of money.

This night club in Saudi has a very luxurious interior. Women will also be allowed to enter here breaking all restrictions. Although alcohol is strictly prohibited. However, guests coming to this public club can drink mocktails instead of alcohol. Alcohol has been banned in the country since 1950.

Saudi Arabia is inviting foreigners to develop tourism. This night club is also one of the favorite places of these foreign tourists. Because until now foreigners could not party anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

It is known that the club has luxurious facilities. There are several studios. A dining area has also been created. There are also DJs and music producers. Which makes this whole night club more interesting. Authorities say it will gradually become a center for art and music.

Saudi Arabia’s DJ Tarek Antabi used to perform outside the country, i.e. abroad. But the country’s night clubs put a smile on his face. Tarek said, this club means the world to me. Now finally I can showcase my musical skills in my country.

As mentioned earlier, entering this night club will not be very cheap. To enter Saudi’s first night club, the club’s minimum annual membership fee is 6,000 riyals or 1,87,000 taka. Not only that, if you want more benefits, you have to pay 10,000 riyals or about 3,12,000 taka.

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