No one dies, no one gets sick on election day in North Korea

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It is the democratic right of the people to elect a ruler by voting. But there is no democracy in North Korea. Therefore, even if there is an election, its method is different from the other five countries. People there vote, but cannot exercise any rights at all.

A common saying about voting in Korea is that no one dies, no one gets sick on election day here.

Election there is like a festival. After voting, voters have to celebrate the festival outside the polling station. Voters have to dance with the victory of the government.

If someone violates the voting process or wants to vote secretly, the administrative staff will mark him separately. Later he had to be punished.

This victory sound is mandatory in any event or government program of the country. The people of the country have to express their happiness by praising the government and its success. That’s the rule there.

The Korean administration sees the election process as a means of census. Who did not vote is identified by looking at the voting rate. The reason why they did not vote is sought.

In many cases, some have fled the country. It is customary to flee North Korea to China or South Korea. Although it is quite rare.

The country’s national legislature SPA is elected every four years. Local level elections are held every five years. In all cases voting is done on ballot papers.

The most significant aspect of Kim’s country’s election process is turnout. Almost 100 percent voter turnout is observed in every election. Almost everyone in the country participated in the voting process.

100 percent voter turnout in elections, however, is not entirely spontaneous. Because, the government has ordered that everyone in the country should vote. If someone does not want to vote, strict action is taken against him. So no one takes the risk of not voting.

All citizens aged 17 and over are required to vote in Kim’s country. They were instructed by the administration to reach the booth early in the morning. If everyone lines up outside the polling station from morning, the voting lines will get longer and longer throughout the day. That is the purpose of the government.

In 2014, the voter turnout in Korea’s SPA election was 99.97 percent. Two voters could not vote. Every year some people are absent from the polling station due to physical illness or some other reason.

However, many times that figure is covered by the administration’s activities. The common saying about the country’s elections is that no one dies, no one gets sick on election day.

There is no secrecy in the country’s vote. One ballot paper is given to each voter. There is only one candidate’s name. Everyone has to vote for him. He was chosen.

According to the rules on the ballot, voters can indicate their disapproval of a candidate by crossing a name next to the name on the ballot. But in practice it is not. No one touches the pen in the ballot. Everyone publicly accepts the ballot and drops it in the designated ballot box.

Although there are three different parties in the ledger, in reality these three parties are actually the same. Together, their alliance is called the Democratic Front for Reunification of Korea. At the time of polling, the Workers’ Party fielded candidates in 87.5 percent of the seats, the Social Democratic Party in 7.4 percent of seats, and the Chandoist Changu Party in 3.2 percent of seats.

At the local level, local elections are held in the country to elect mayors or governors in different areas. It has started since 1999. Local representatives are elected by popular vote in the same manner. Although many are in favor of calling them ‘appointed’ instead of being elected.

Yet North Korea witnesses national legislative elections every four years and local level elections every five years. Kim’s words are ‘unspoken’ there. That custom has been going on for years.

North Korea’s regime, like Kim’s various policies, has been criticized in various ways at various times, as well as the country’s election process. Critics call this vote a ‘show’ vote.

According to them, such elections have no meaning at all. Even if there were no elections, there would have been no problem for the government.

Source: Anandabazar newspaper

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