The Palestinians of Lebanon are ready if Israel engages in war with Hezbollah

Last Updated on June 29, 2024 8:54 am

After seeing Israel’s unjust war on Palestine, the Lebanese armed organization Hezbollah is fighting for them. Israel and the West are planning to go to war against Hezbollah. And in this case, the Palestinians in the refugee camps in Lebanon are ready to fight with Israel for Hezbollah. Al Jazeera news.

Palestinians in a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon, watch with anger as Israel invades Gaza. Because, because of Israel, they have to leave their country and seek refuge in Lebanon. And now if Israel again attacks the Lebanese refugee camps against Hezbollah, they will have no choice but to join the war.

They demand, if a ceasefire is given in Gaza. And if Israel doesn’t bomb the people living there, they won’t be in conflict with Israel either.

Earlier, Hamas launched a deadly attack on Israeli communities and their military bases following the October 7 attack on Gaza. Where 1 thousand 139 people were reported killed. Which emboldened them to engage in war against Israel.

In this regard, Ahed Mahar, a member of the General Command of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the Shatila camp in Beirut, Lebanon, said that they are ready to fight against Israel in support of Hezbollah. They are not afraid to fight. But their fear is for their families and civilians. What they now worry about is that Israel may be deliberately targeting densely populated residential areas in Lebanon. Because the Palestinian camp is here, where hundreds of thousands of people live together.

In this regard, Mahar said, “The Israeli army has no morals. They do not respect human rights or consider children’s rights. The Israeli army is driven only by revenge.’

It should be noted that nearly two and a half million Palestinians are living in 12 refugee camps in Lebanon.

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