North Korea also controls wedding dresses

Last Updated on July 1, 2024 9:04 am

North Korea also controls wedding dresses. Not only that, North Korea imposes strict restrictions on everything from wedding dresses to profanity. Basically, the country is taking such steps to prevent the influence of foreigners, especially South Korea, on the culture of its own country. South Korean news agency Yonhap published a report on this. The news was reported by the British media BBC on Friday.

Seoul claims the report is based on the testimony of hundreds of people who fled North Korea to South Korea. Among them is a 22-year-old youth. He was sentenced to death for playing 70 South Korean songs and watching and sharing three movies. BBC published a report on this for the first time last year.

This is believed to be the only case of execution under the Rejection of Reactionary Ideology and Culture Act, said. Last year’s report, however, was described as fabricated and false by North Korea. According to the data collected, North Korean officials have been conducting door-to-door searches since 2021. Yonhap reported that officials also looked for signs of foreign culture at various events, including weddings. For example, many brides and grooms prefer South Korean white dresses for weddings. Besides, their phone calls are recorded to find out if people are swearing in foreign languages.

Although North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wears sunglasses. Even then, sunglasses are considered counter-revolutionary. Un’s father, Kim Jong Il, however, banned certain everyday items, including jeans, as anti-revolutionary.

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