Nuclear-powered US warships at North Korea’s doorstep

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 8:58 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited North Korea. Soon after his visit, the United States sent the nuclear-powered US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt to North Korea’s doorstep. Anchored in South Korea’s Busan port on Saturday. Theodore Roosevelt was deployed to the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War. State-of-the-art US aircraft carriers were a nightmare for Iraqi forces.

However, this time the American warship will be seen in a different role. After a few days, Theodore Roosevelt will participate in joint naval exercises with South Korea and Japan. Last August, the leaders of these three countries decided to conduct such a naval exercise. The leaders of the three countries agreed on such exercises to counter China’s growing power in the region and North Korea’s nuclear threat.

This naval exercise has been named ‘Freedom Age’. The navies and marine forces of the three countries will conduct anti-submarine warfare and air defense exercises. This information was given by US Rear Admiral Christopher Alexander, Commander of Carrier Strike Group Nine. He also said that Theodore Roosevelt will serve as the command ship in this exercise.

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