Three countries are united in response to the North Korea-Russia agreement

Last Updated on June 24, 2024 8:56 am

In response to the bilateral cooperation agreement between North Korea and Russia, this time South Korea, Japan and the United States have agreed to strengthen security cooperation among themselves.

South Korean Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul told the media on Saturday.

He cited the signing of a new security agreement between Russia and North Korea as a reason for strengthening Seoul’s security cooperation with Tokyo and Washington.

Cho Tae also said that Japan and South Korea will conduct a joint military exercise called “Age of Freedom” in the coming summer.

“I think it makes sense and we have sent a strong message to the world through timely consultation and close cooperation with friendly countries like the US and Japan,” he said.

Cho Tae is currently based in New York. He went there to attend a UN Security Council meeting on cyber security. As South Korea assumed the presidency of the Security Council this month, Cho presided over the council’s meeting.

Meanwhile, in the past years, the United States has spread various false accusations and tried to present North Korea as a serious threat to the countries of East Asia. But on the contrary, Pyongyang has been blaming Washington and its allies for creating tension in the region.

Earlier, in a speech, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Chinese Army mentioned the United States as the biggest challenge to the security and stability of East Asia.

He said, Washington wants to form an organization like NATO in the Asia and Pacific region as well. The aim of the hegemonic country is to maintain its illegal dominance in this region as well.

Source: Yenisefak

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