Pakistan government allowed ISI to intercept mobile phones

Last Updated on July 10, 2024 8:19 am

Pakistan’s central government has allowed Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s main intelligence agency, to trace text and text messages on mobile phones to protect national security. News of Arab News

Pakistan’s Union Cabinet has issued a notification under Section 54 of the Telecommunications (Amendment) Act, 1996 allowing call tracing of designated ISI officials, Geo News reported.

But as per the conditions, the officer nominated by the intelligence agency cannot be below 18 grade.

A notification issued by the Ministry of Information on Monday said that the government has authorized the interception of phone calls and messages of ISI officials to prevent any crime in the interest of national security.

According to that section of the Telecommunication Act, the government can allow any person or organization to trace phone calls and messages through the telecommunication system in the interest of national security.

It further states that the government shall have priority over any license holder for the defense or protection of the country against foreign aggression.

Earlier, on June 7, a report by Pakistani media The News said that the government was installing a national firewall across Internet Service Providers (ISPs). which will prevent unwanted information from reaching a larger population by controlling social media.

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