Punishment instead of medicine, the Israeli doctor-nurse is also terrible

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 9:47 am

Mohammed Abu Salmiya, the director of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, was recently released after being imprisoned in Israel for about seven months. He returned to Gaza and described the horrific torture that took place there. He said that Palestinian prisoners are dying in the face of continuous torture. Even doctors and nurses beat them.

He said that many Palestinians are tortured in the name of interrogation in Israeli prisons. Their treatment is neglected and necessary medicines are not given. Prisoners are dying like this.

When Salmiya was addressing a press conference on Monday (July 1), she was flanked by other newly released prisoners.

He also said that Palestinian prisoners are subjected to physical and inhuman torture. They are given small amounts of food. Prisoners in Gaza have lost an average of 25 kg due to lack of food.

While describing the torture, he said, Israeli doctors and nurses are also part of the torturers. They used to punish Palestinian prisoners without giving them the necessary treatment. The doctors and nurses beat up the prisoners, which is totally unacceptable. He called on international organizations to visit Israeli prisons to stop these.

Netanyahu launched an all-out war in Gaza last year after Hamas attacked and kidnapped civilians inside Israel. About 38,000 Palestinians were killed. Almost all buildings have been destroyed. Hospitals and humanitarian aid stations were not left out.

Apart from this, Israel is conducting a full-scale ground operation in the besieged Gaza Strip of Palestine. They are arresting Palestinians one by one in this operation. After that, Israel is inhumanely torturing them by keeping them in prison. Even before Abu Salmiya, information about the terrible torture of the Israeli forces in the prison was leaked.

In May of this year, the American media CNN reported that ordinary people of Gaza were captured and taken to a detention center in the Negev desert. There they were subjected to various physical tortures including extensive beatings.

These people in Gaza were not beaten for any secret information. They were beaten only out of revenge. This punishment was given for the attack of the Palestinian independence organization Hamas in Israel on October 7. Apart from this, they were punished for doing little things like drinking betel leaves and peeling limes in prison.

An Israeli gave a photo of Teiman’s prison to CNN. This area is located 18 kilometers away from Gaza. The photo shows hundreds of Palestinians in a cage surrounded by iron wire. All of them are wearing gray trousers. An imprisoned Palestinian doctor told CNN that dogs are often released on sleeping Palestinians in the Teiman prison. They were tortured like this at night. However, Israel did not accept these allegations. They said that they are handling the prisoners according to international norms.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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