Putin-Kim Partnership Agreement, South Korea Summons Russian Ambassador

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 8:39 am


Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a partnership agreement with Kim Jong-un after visiting North Korea after almost two decades. The relationship between North and South Korea is already very fragile. Among these, unrest has been created around Putin’s visit to North Korea.

In response to the partnership agreement, neighboring South Korea issued a strong protest by summoning Russian ambassador Georgi Zinovibe. Reuters news
Ambassador Georgi Zinovibe was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul on Friday afternoon. First Vice Foreign Minister Kim Hong-kyun was present as South Korea’s representative in the meeting.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Seoul warned Russian Ambassador Zinovibe that the path Russia is going to take with North Korea will have a negative impact on Russia’s relationship with South Korea.

Expressing their position, Kim Hong-kyun told Genovibe that if Russia gives military support to North Korea, it will cause damage to South Korea’s security and it will inevitably have a negative impact on Moscow-Seoul bilateral relations.

On the other hand, the Russian ambassador dismissed South Korea’s security concerns and said that it is not their intention to make a third target in the military agreement with North Korea.

After the meeting, the Russian Embassy wrote in a post on social media X that the ambassador (Zinovibe) said that cooperation between Russia and North Korea is not aimed at any third country.

What’s in that partnership agreement?

The Western world is blatantly against Russia on the Ukraine issue. They are also providing military and financial support to Ukraine to fight against Russia. In such a situation, Putin made a military agreement with North Korea. As a result of this agreement, Russia and North Korea will ensure military assistance to defend each other in case of aggression by a third country.

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