Putin wants to create a new ‘security framework’ for Asia

Last Updated on June 22, 2024 8:55 am

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to create a “reliable security framework” for the Asia-Pacific region. He expressed his interest in a military ceremony in Vietnam on Thursday.

A day after signing a military aid deal with North Korea, Putin was greeted by a 21-gun salute at a military ceremony in Vietnam. Bhuysi praised the Vietnamese President Putin there. Lam also highlighted Putin’s contribution to ‘peace, stability and development’ in the world.

At that time, Putin expressed his interest in creating a reliable security structure for Asia in a conversation with the head of state of Vietnam, according to Russia’s Tass news agency. This security structure will not only play a role in military matters but also in peaceful conflict resolution.

Before leaving Vietnam, Putin blamed the NATO military alliance for undermining Russia’s security in Asia.

It should be noted that the United States does not look favorably on Putin’s visit to Vietnam. They demanded the Vietnamese government to ensure that Putin could not say anything in Vietnam in support of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

International relations analysts believe that the importance of Putin’s visit to Vietnam is far-reaching. Zachary Abuja, a professor at the US National War College, told Reuters in this regard, “Perhaps there was less frenzy about Putin’s visit in Vietnam than in North Korea.” But this visit is really important. Because Vietnam is not an isolated country like North Korea, but it is one of the most important countries in the world economy.

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